Friday, September 15, 2006

somewhere I can say what I want to say

I've been thinking about librarian issues more lately. They creep up more often in my personal blog. A place was needed where I could express all those things. Here it is. More will come later to this space. I worked for nearly 12 hours today (and I thought a librarian would get to keep normal hours, silly me).

First there was a KCMLIN Children's Koffee (it is their decision to misspell coffee not mine). That was an amazing experience, a great time to talk about how we are working with the schools. We had people from St. Louis, MO to Louisburg, KS and everywhere in between. It was at my home library, but I got to see quite a few of my former coworkers. Then of course I spent (over) a full day at work. This leaves me tired and ready for bed. So naturally I started a new project. It gives me something to tinker with instead of sleeping.

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