Thursday, June 30, 2011

Combining Passions

Anyone who has been paying attention by now has realized two things. 1) I love being a librarian. 2) I love to knit and crochet. And now I shall combine those two.

Have you heard of Yarnbombing? (That blog isn't the only one. Go Google it. A Google images search is even more fun. It's a real thing, getting bigger all the time.

Look at these bike racks outside the Berkeley Public Library

It's not quite yarnbombing, but a library in the UK created a knitted garden that is an amazing and ongoing intergenerational community art project.

Somewhere in these stories a project for my library was born. This fall is the 25th anniversary of the Loussac Library. To celebrate that we are inviting the public to knit or crocheting hats to decorate the statues and busts of famous authors throughout the library.

We are calling this Hats Off To Loussac Library. Hats can be dropped off between August 1st and September 5th at any Anchorage Public Library location. They will be on display between August 15th and September 17th at Loussac Library. After the anniversary, all hats will be donated to charities.
Click for more information

Happy Knitting! Happy Crocheting! And as always, Happy Reading! (It might be fun to listen to an audio book while knitting and/or crocheting a hat. That's my plan.)


PixieMum said...

I think this is a fabulous idea, it needs worldwide publicity.

Hope you don't mind but I have mentioned it on my blog. Also, I'm fascinated because our public libraries do not have statues or busts inside as far as I'm aware.

Does the library have a facebook page?

Born Librarian said...

Thanks for the mention PixieMum. I'm sorry I didn't see your comment earlier.
Yes, our library has a facebook page, Anchorage Public Library, and you can see photos of the finished hats.