Monday, March 24, 2014

Grant Writing - suggested verbiage

I'm in the middle of grant writing season. I think there's a season, most of them seem to be due around April 1st. Prior to becoming a youth services coordinator, I'd applied for a few smaller grants directly and been a worker/helper bee on others. But nothing too extraordinary. Now I'm working (often with a team) on stuff in the 6 figure range. It's scary that people are willing to trust me with that sort of money and no one blinks an eye at me asking for it. Huge case of imposter syndrome, but that is another blog post.

When I was chatting with my sister about the endless narratives involved in grant writing, she suggested the following. I humbly sumbit it here for anyone else who needs a bit of levity as the words of their grant application start to blur.

Dear people with money,

The library is amazing! People love us, we change lives and do awesome things. We need more money to do even more awesome things. Please send check.


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