Friday, February 15, 2008

It's cold up here...

I took a new job in a new library. Though I loved working at the Kansas City Public Library and would recommend it to anyone who is job hunting as a librarian, my dream opportunity came up. For years I have dreamed of living in Alaska. I have particular idea where this desire came from, but it's been there. (Also I'm ending a lot of phrases with prepositions, forgive me.) I've always watched the job postings on the Alaska state library jobline to see what was available. While Alaska appealed to me, I never really considered any city other than Anchorage. So when a job came open in Anchorage I applied, never thinking they would even call me for an interview. It was more of a "why not apply" type of situation. I got called for an interview and thought "sure!" and did a phone interview. Because why not? This is my dream. (As my best friend pointed out, at some point I'll have to stop with the "why not? might as well..." attitude and make the actual decision to uproot my life and move 3500 miles away.) I was shocked when they offered me the job, took a few hours to seriously consider it (something I'd been doing since the interview), and then accepted. Six short weeks later, and one harrowing drive up the Alaska Highway in January (a feat apparently even "real" Alaskans won't attempt), I arrived in Anchorage, found a place to live, and started at my new job.

So future posts should have an Alaskan slant to them. Though I've discovered that kids are kids and storytime in Alaska goes much like storytime in Kansas or Missouri. There are a few differences which I will post about later.