Monday, April 02, 2007

Libraries as Homeless Shelter

Everyone else is posting this article I guess I should as well.

Former Salt Lake City Assistant Director writes about the problems of the homeless at the library. Keep in mind when reading this article that it is not journalism and objective, but more of an opinion piece from a (former/retired) librarian. And the comments can be rather volatile.

America Gone Wrong:A Slashed Safety Net Turns Libraries Into Homeless Shelters

I'd always heard vaguely about libraries having a problem with the homeless. But I heard that fom the comfort of my nice suburban library where we very very very rarely encountered it. And I knew it academically from listserv discussions, articles, etc. And then I moved to an urban library. And I saw it everyday. And hearing about it and living it is different. These poor people tug at your heartstrings. And yet they can be disruptive. But they have no where else to go. And we're open to all. It's an impossible conundrum. Or at least it feels that way.

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