Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Things on a Friday

Five signs that your work life is becoming all consuming, creeping into other aspects of your life, and generally making you one of those people who aren't invited anywhere because you can't talk about anything except libraries.

  1. As you walk into the church building, you pull your work ID/lanyard over your head. You've begun to feel a bit naked without it.
  2. You answer your personal phone with, "Hello blahblahblah library, this is blahblah."
  3. You can't get into your house and it takes you far too long to realize that the library key won't open your front door. (We have about 4 keys for the library, I peered at the key to make sure it was the right one that opens my office door and tried about three more times to open my home door.)
  4. You tell random children in Target to "walk please" and they listen to you.
  5. You answer a reference question at a hockey game and find yourselves doing readers advisory in the stacks at Barnes and Noble.

1 comment:

Beth said...

Once, I was watching TV, and the phone rang on the program. I found myself genuinely surprised they didn't answer the phone with the name of my office. I had to laugh.